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Records and Archives Management Consultancy

records and archives management

We provide records and archives management consulting services custom-tailored to your agency’s specific needs. We help our customers design and implement effective records, archives and information management programs to support their business operations.Projects may include:

  • Developing enterprise records, archives and information management policies and procedures
  • Developing corporate governance models detailing records and archives management roles and responsibilities
  • Conducting comprehensive and series-level inventories
  • Designing enterprise classification, taxonomy, and file plans
  • Developing and modifying records retention schedules
  • Assisting in disposition review and schedule application
  • Conducting needs assessments for physical or electronic records and archives management technologies and storage
  • Designing records and archives management into electronic systems
  • Auditing records and archives management policy application throughout the enterprise or field offices
  • Setting up vital records programs
  • And any other projects suited to solving your specific records, archives and information management challenge